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'What is a Virus?' Song ???? StoryBots | Netflix Jr

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The StoryBots teach us how our bodies fight the viruses that cause colds and flus!

#StayHome and Learn #WithMe !

Colds can make you sneeze and cough
Thank goodness you can fight them off
With help from an army of white blood cells in your body
Colds are kinds of viruses
Now as for what a virus is,
Well they're little invaders taking over healthy cells
From cell to cell they keep on spreading
Before you know it, you'll be getting sick
and you'll sniff or a wheeze or a cough or a sneeze
It's awful but that's alright because
Your body can defend itself
Your suffering will end with help
From an army of white blood cells in your body
And the first stage is
When cells called macrophages
Chew the virus till antigens abound
And those antigens kickstart the helper T cells
To activate the B cells
To make antibodies to slow the virus down
The helper Ts also trigger killer T cells
To fight cells the virus has infected
Your immune system is keeping you protected
And gets you feeling in good health again
Feeling like yourself again
All thanks to an army of white blood cells in your body
But still remember please cover your mouth
When you cough or sneeze

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