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Video Game Music

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I made video game music!

#DIYmusic #Musicproduction #DIYmusician #16bit #Videogame #Nintendo
I'm Darren. I produce as Default Mode Music. I want to create a diverse community of music producers who learn collaboratively and support music education through the YouTube.

Shout-out to my brothers, Warren and Colin, for helping with video editing and thumbnail production!

Check out my music here:

Starting Dec. 2019, I'm challenging myself to write and record a song a month for the next year! Here are some genres I'm thinking of tackling (in no particular order), but let me know if you have other ideas:
Dec. 2019: "Holiday Music" - DONE!
Jan. 2020: Remix (of Jon Sine's "Secrets") - DONE!
Feb. 2020: Marshmello-style music with kids – DONE!
Mar. 2020: SURPRISE! COVID 19 HAPPENED - Coronavirus Rhapsody cover
Apr. 2020: Five Jamaican-Influenced Styles cover of Lizzo’s Truth Hurts
May 2020: 16 Bit Video Game Music
Jun. 2020: TBD
Jul. 2020: TBD
Aug. 2020: TBD
Sep. 2020: TBD
Oct. 2020: TBD
Nov. 2020: Make a song with every instrument you own

Think I should do something else? Let me know in the comments below!

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