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Top 10 Wonderboys in Football 2020 (U-18) | The Future of Football

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Top 10 Wonderboys in Football 2020
Compilation of best skills , goals and assists from world's best young players !!

All the players featured in this video are of 18 years old or younger
Players without considerable appearances have been excluded from the list.
Players like Ryan Gravenberch and Mohammed Ihattaren have been excluded due to copyright issues from Eredivisie(Netherlands league)

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10.Disappeared - On Fire
9. Brook Xiao - Fire (ft. Rachel Horter) [NCS Release]
8. Fluex - Daylight Airbeat One Anthem 2018
7. Rolipso - Decal
6. Eclypxe - Find You (feat. Annamarie Rosanio)
5. Emdi x Coorby - Lonewolf feat Kristi-Leah [NCS Release]
4. Cour - Rainforest
3. Million Prodz & Nico SCR - Adventure
2. Nomra - Your Body [NCS Release]
1. Disappeared - Take Me Higher

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