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Top 10 Monsters with 3000 Attack in YuGiOh

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In this video we'll be going over the best monsters in the game that have exactly 3000 attack, which is kind of the threshold for main deck monsters to reach, if a monster goes above 3000 it's usually because that's supposed to be a benefit of the card.

--The List--
Intro: (0:00)
10- Chaos Dragon Levianeer: (0:18)
9- Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon: (1:46)
8- Borrelsword Dragon: (4:27)
7- True King of All Calamities: (6:38)
6- Borreload Savage Dragon: (8:25)
5- ABC-Dragon Buster: (10:03)
4- Dragun of Red-Eyes: (12:49)
3- Topologic Gumblar Dragon: (14:53)
2- Grinder Golem: (17:29)
1- Nibiru the Primal Being: (19:29)
#yugioh #top10

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