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Top 10 D&D 5e Multiclass Builds | Nerd Immersion

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Sorry it's late, but better late than never right? So my patrons voted for my Top 10 multiclass builds. It was fun to theorize about various builds, especially because I haven't had the opportunity to play many D&D 5e characters. This endeavor has definitely brought some fun build ideas to mind though!

Introduction 00:00

1. Rogue/Trickery Cleric 01:48
2. Moon Druid/Totem Barbarian 06:46
3. Druid/Life Cleric 11:34
4. Lore Bard/Scout Rogue 16:34
5. Bard/Life Cleric 22:22
6. Scout Rogue/Fighter 27:11
7. Samurai Fighter/Swashbuckler 29:43
8. Tempest Cleric/Eldritch Knight Fighter 35:13
9. Paladin/Sorcerer 37:20
Runner up - Storm Sorcerer/Tempest Cleric 47:15
10. Warlock/Paladin 49:32

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