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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings | Full Soundtrack

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0:00 In Temeria (Intro)
1:31 Assassins of Kings
3:40 A Nearly Peaceful Place
7:48 Arena of Rage
9:02 Dwarven Stone Upon Dwarven Stone
16:38 Through The Underworld
20:26 Tough Times
22:14 Into The Fields
28:03 An Army Lying In Wait
31:58 A Watering Hole In The Harbor
34:37 Blue Mountains (Edit Version)
38:24 The Path of A Kingslayer
39:53 Within The Mist
42:57 Regicide
44:46 The Wild Hunt
46:07 Vergen By Night (Edit Version)
51:25 Souls In Ruin
56:12 A Quiet Corner
59:29 The Assassin Looms
1:00:36 Dreary Stronghold
1:04:50 Howl of The White Wolf
1:06:47 Sorceresses
1:08:50 The End Is Never The Same
1:12:09 War Approaches (Outro)
1:14:11 A Tavern On The Riverbank
1:15:56 Cave Theme
1:18:09 Completing The Contract
1:19:20 The Sewers
1:23:10 The Lone Survivor
1:24:28 Night In Loc Muinne
1:28:31 Harpy Lair
1:31:30 Ambush
1:32:15 The Scent of Battle
1:33:21 Flotsam At Sunrise
1:35:35 Easier Said Than Killed
1:36:47 Shadows And Conspiracies
1:39:19 Trapped
1:40:42 Harbor Town
1:45:46 Practice Makes Perfect
1:47:06 The Camp By Night
1:50:26 Nilfgaard
1:53:32 The Tournament
1:54:53 For A Higher Cause
1:56:08 Nocturnal Forest
1:59:52 Violence
2:01:01 Ladybug

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