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Star Citizen MAJOR New Gameplay Features - Finding Locations, Probes, Resource System & Refining

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Star Citizen MAJOR Gameplay Features - Finding Locations, Probes & Refining, looking forward to what we can expect!
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Star Citizen is an Open Development Alpha Project by Cloud Imperium. It is 2 Games really though, the Persistent Universe that aims to build a First Person MMO Space Sim that encompasses gameplay in ship & on ground, economy and pretty much anything else you can think of. It's built in the StarEngine (a modified Lumberyard Engine). You'll see massive Space Ships that you can fly with friends, land on planets, explore or whatever your way to whatever goal you choose. It's available to try in it's current Alpha State now, you can give feedback & influence the direction of the game BUT it is VERY ALPHA.
Squadron 42 is the Single Player Campaign of Star Citizen & the Spiritual Successor of Wing Commander. The Idea is the game is immersive, cinematic, beautiful & seamless... NO LOADING SCREENS once in game.
Both Games are currently in the Alpha of their development.
I am suspecting to see something more mainstream for Star Citizen's PU by the end of 2022 with permanent progression, though it will be a while after that before the game is considered "feature complete" which would be closer to 2025 in my opinion.
Squadron 42 will not be released before 2022.

I am an Independent Content Creator & Star Citizen Fan. I am not paid by Cloud Imperium HOWEVER I am an Evocati Member and as such I am under an NDA for Closed Early Patch Tests of Star Citizen', known as the Evocati Test Flight (ETF). They occasionally offer me ships for giveaways too, which I will take if they are truely NO STRINGS ATTACHED.
GameGlass, Shadow & NordVPN referrals give me a small kickback, however I am not paid by them for any specific videos or promotion. Unless Otherwise Stated.
Music used is from the Game Star Citizen & Associated Mini-Games as licensed via the Cloud Imperium Games Fandom FAQ | https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013196127-Fandom-FAQ-Videos-writing-and-more

00:00 - Star Citizen Gameplay Features
01:00 - Long Distance Probing
02:55 - Atmospheric Damage
03:20 - Loot Generation
06:50 - Refining & Starfarer Plans
09:00 - Resource Management System
10:55 - What Do You Think?

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