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Simple clap switch circuit 220V using utsource electronic components

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Simple clap switch circuit 220V using utsource electronic components
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Here is the procedure of simple clap control circuit which is basically clap switch mini project on breadboard and clap switch circuit using bc547 transistor.

Electronics components used in this videos and their buying links:

Resistors: http://bit.do/fFyKX
LED: http://bit.do/fFyLM
IC: http://bit.do/fFyL2
Breadboard: http://bit.do/fFyMr
Relay: http://bit.do/fFyMT

IC4017 IC741 22K resistor 10K resistor 1K resistor condenser mic 9v battery 10K variable resistor BC547 transistor 6V relay clap on off circuit is basically apparatus by which we can ON and OFF any ac or dc load if we use a relay like clap switch circuit with relay
So I made this clap switch using 4017 ic and also show clap switch circuit diagram using relay and make clap switch circuit on breadboard.

We can also make this clap switch using 555 timer and if you want to make this clap circuit project or clap switch circuit electronic project and clap switch using transistor just follow these steps and watch complete video.

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