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Sad tiktok songs playlist that will make you cry - Saddest songs to cry

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00:00:00 Someone you loved
00:02:42 Someone to you
00:06:04 Spirit ( Oceans )
00:09:28 Love story
00:12:41 All i want
00:16:27 Be alright
00:18:52 Wildest dreams
00:21:39 Can We Kiss Forever?
00:23:46 Stuck with U
00:27:39 At my worst
00:30:27 Surrender
00:33:36 Say Something
00:37:41 Death bed
00:40:40 Baby you're worth it (ft. shiloh)
00:42:51 Misty
00:45:02 Beautiful in white
00:46:06 Lemon tree
00:49:46 I love you that's the problem
00:52:09 Ocean
00:55:48 Save me
00:48:30 You are still the one

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