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PC Game Music Quiz | Can You Guess PC Classics From The Music?

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Know your classic PC music? Try our PC game music quiz. You get 15 seconds of 20 PC games - some themes, some iconic tracks - and have to guess the song. It’s a mix of all-time classics and a few trickier favourites, so good luck getting all 20. You are a true pro if you do.

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The hard part of putting together a video game music quiz is trying not to lose an entire week listening to absolute bangers. We thought about making a video game theme quiz, but thought some were too obvious, so tried to pick some tracks from within the games. If you’ve played them, we’re confident these pieces of PC game music will have lodged in your head. And if you aren’t a child of the 90s, where a lot of these come from, we’ll be putting together a more modern game music quiz, so start swotting up on that. If you enjoy this game guess the song do give it a like and why not share it with your friends, to see if any of them do better…

Thanks to the anonymous Victorian man and his pet dog for hosting the quiz. See you again soon.

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