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NFL Free Agency Grades For All 32 NFL Teams So Far This Offseason

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NFL Free Agency Grades for all 32 NFL teams is here at Chat Sports with NFL Daily host Mitchell Renz. We break down the biggest winners and losers of the 2021 NFL Free Agency as of March 22nd, 2021. As a reminder our grades are:
A = Great
B = Good
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Fail

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NFC WEST Free Agency Grades
Seattle Seahawks: C
Los Angeles Rams: C
Arizona Cardinals: B+
San Francisco 49ers: B-

NFC SOUTH Free Agency Grades
New Orleans Saints: C
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A+
Carolina Panthers: A-
Atlanta Falcons: D+

NFC EAST Free Agency Grades
Washington Football Team: A
New York Giants: A
Dallas Cowboys: C
Philadelphia Eagles: B-

NFC North Free Agency Grades
Green Bay Packers: C
Chicago Bears: F
Minnesota Vikings: B
Detroit Lions: B-

AFC SOUTH Free Agency Grades
Tennessee Titans: C+
Indianapolis Colts: D
Houston Texans: C
Jacksonville Jaguars: A-

AFC East Free Agency Grades
Buffalo Bills: B
Miami Dolphins: C+
New England Patriots: A
New York Jets: B+

AFC North Free Agency Grades
Pittsburgh Steelers: C
Baltimore Ravens: B
Cleveland Browns: A
Cincinnati Bengals: B-

AFC WEST Free Agency Grades
Kansas City Chiefs: C+
Las Vegas Raiders: B-
Los Angeles Chargers: B+
Denver Broncos: A-

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