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Miss Grand International PRELIMINARY COMPETITION TOP 10!

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Miss Grand International Preliminary EVENING GOWN Competition Top 10! [MGI 2020 ]

The Miss Grand International 2020 [MGI2020] Preliminary Evening Gown Competition is the Miss Grand candidate's chance to perform their Miss Grand Evening gown (Long gown) pasarela and get selected to the final Top20 for finals night. It is so important that the candidates perform their best evening gown pasarela in the Miss Grand International 2020 preliminary competition so that they can reach the Top10 on finals night.

The Miss Grand International 2020 Long gown (evening gown) preliminary competition took place this evening and this edition is our best in evening gown (long Gown) pasarela performances for The Miss Grand International 2020 Preliminary competition. or also known as the MGI2020 Preliminary competition

Please remember to also watch our Miss Grand International 2020 swimsuit Preliminary edition.

The Miss Grand International 2020 [MGI2020] finals take place this weekend and the girls target is to get into the Miss Grand 2020 Final 10

Preliminary Competition Live show has just taken place. The Miss Grand International Evening gown preliminary competition (MGI2020) is the chance for the Miss Grand International 2020 contestants to show off their evening gowns (long dresses). We look at the candidates and give you our favourite top 10 Miss Grand International 2020 evening gown and their performances


Miss Grand International 2020 Preliminary Competition is one of the most hotly anticipated rounds of the entire competition. Tonight the girls performed beautifully and represented their countries with pride whilst performing their Evening gown pasarelas we have seen in recent years at the MGI pageant. Miss Grand International 2020 [MGI2020] was watched by millions of people around the world.

Music: Wish I Was Cool by Missix & DrEbEl is licensed under a Creative Commons License. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... Support by RFM - NCM: https://youtu.be/CegSLjV3TGo

V83:MGI2020 Preliminary Competition TOP 10

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