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Lana Cheats on David and they call off the engagement | 90 Day Fiancé

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Lana CHEATS ON David and they call off the engagement | 90 Day Fiance. David proposes to Lana but they are already calling it off because she cant stop messaging other men for money. The online mystery girlfriend of 90 day fiances leading star David has been interviewed yourwetsock and George Mason TV the leading investigators on youtube. Does Lana really love David? are they still together to this day? we ask all the questions fans around the world are asking daily. Lana has some very mean things to say about David and the interview doesnt go as planned. Lana is very mad that she has been caught and brought to justice. Lana cheated on David with Greg Higgins from Austin Texas I dont know much about him but he has a great smile or so I hear...

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