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[KPOP IN PUBLIC] | SUNMI (선미) - LALALAY (날라리) Dance Cover [Misang] (One Shot ver.)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome aboard ????‍✈️

Hi cuties! Today we bring you Sunmi’s new single, LALALAY!

This time with better quality, our Andrea has covered alone the latest hit of Sunmi. She has learnt the song in only two days! Isn’t she the best? ❤️
She recorded it in only two takes ~ ????
We truly hope that you enjoy our cover and we do apologize for any mistakes.
Please, let us know what you think ✨ What cover would you like for us to do next?

Big thanks to Marta and Gina for helping out with the camera and the photos! Love you cuties❤️

You can follow us on our Instagram and Amazer accounts:
✩ Misang - @misangdance || @misangdance
✩ Andrea as Sunmi - @mi.haneul || @haneulcovers
✩ Gina - @geguma96
✩ Marta - @martaa_22 || @martuki.covers

Filmed and edited by:
✩ Marta - @Martaa_22 || @martuki.covers (camera)
✩ Andrea - @mi.haneul || @haneulcovers (Edit)

All Intro and Outro credits go to @tianhuaqiuchen
Please make sure to follow him ~!

We hope you like the video very much and don’t forget to like and subscribe❤
Support Sunmi in their future comebacks and works!
Thanks for watching ♡

Artist: Sunmi (선미)
Song: Lalalay (날라리)
Location:Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
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#sunmi #lalalay #TinaXLia

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