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June 16, 1940 World War II News, Old Time Radio and Pop Culture

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To get a full description expand the description. If there are only specific programs in this upload that you would like to hear click on the time that is shown before the title of that program if you are listening from a laptop or PC and it will take you directly there. Here is how you read the date and time. 19380519 1900 translates to May 19, 1938 at 7:00 PM Chicago time (that's where I live) unless it is noted. Recordings that feature music are subject to editing. If you enjoy these trips into the past please subscribe to my channel and click on the bell icon to get notified when a new upload is released.

00:00:00 Opening
00:04:53 News As Read From The Chicago Tribune
01:03:20 19400616 1100 NBC Blue The Story Of All Of Us - Medes And The Persians
01:18:15 19400616 1415 NBC Blue America Looks Abroad - The Battle Of France In The USA
01:33:55 194006xx Governor Lee O'Danial's (Texas) Sunday Program
02:04:29 19400616 1530 NBC Blue Chamber Music Society Of Lower Basin Street
02:33:36 19400616 1730 NBC Red Beat The Band
03:02:54 19400616 1800 NBC Red Jack Benny Program - Last Show Of The Season, guest is Ezra Stone (Henry Aldrich)
03:32:24 Closing

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