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How to hold a throw rope

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From the pinned kayak video on the west fork of the tuck the other day, I had multiple messages from people asking what is wrong with a kayaker that was being rescued wrapping the throw rope around his hand. This video answers that question and how to properly hold a throw rope. There is a LOT more to throw rope safety protocal (toss technique, how to hold it if swimming in current, how to help the person throwing it get it to you, how to quickly reload for a second toss if you are doing the rescue, etc.). This video does NOT dive into those important SWR issues and the intent of this video is to simply address how to secure the throw rope in your hand should you be a swimmer and being rescued.
The referenced rescue video from the pinned kayaker on the West Fork of the Tuck can be found here: https://youtu.be/p36r53bn6T0

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