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Adonde Ser Menos Para Ser Con Mas Detalle.
Since he was sixteen, Lord Sauron liked to experiment with a Commodore C64. With his electronic toys he formed the group Disharmony with a schoolmate, and their music was not too happy. The obsession kept growing and over the years Lord Sauron acquired many different keyboards and became more and more interested in ambient. This devil-does-all not only remained active with Disharmony, he also founded another project, named Oxyd, he composes film music and in addition to that, he also creates electronic music with his solo project Headdreamer.

Of the latter, there is now a CD out on the Slovakian label Aliens. And let's be honest, anyone who names his project Headdreamer, can only be a dreamer, can't he?

Human Frequencies contains nine tracks that lie somewhere between IDM (Autechre), ambient and classical electronics (Vangelis or Kitaro). They're all dreamy songs with a sense of rhythm, and it is no coincidence that Lord Sauron makes film music too, as each song can be described as a soundtrack for a non-existent film.

Whatever label you stick on, eventually you'll always associate Human Frequencies with synthetic beauty. And, even though the music is made by machines, the songs stir the heart.

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