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Fresh Funky Beats | VIDEO GAME MUSIC DJ SET #04 | ✨ dedeco✨

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This is a series where I DJ video game music that could be played at CLUBS!
and click "show more" for timestamps and more info✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

If you enjoy the video please consider subscribing and ringing that bell so you'll catch the next ones (AMBIENT BREAKS up next)!

I also have a Patreon now! If you wanna support me and these videos head to https://patreon.com/dedeco . I think I got some cool rewards going so please check it out :)

In this episode we got only the freshest and funkiest of beats! It features original soundtracks from Jet Set Radio, Persona 4, Street Fighter 3, FInal Fantasy VII and more!

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0:00 Featurecast - Recipe For The Perfect Afro [Jet Set Radio for the Dreamcast]

2:28 Shoji Meguro, Shihoko Hirata - Pursuing My True Self [Persona 4 for the PS2]

4:00 Shohei Tsuchiya - Fankadelica [Metal Wolf Chaos for the XBOX]

5:06 Sota Fujimori, Naoyuki Sato - Edit Mode [PES 2007 for the PS2]

7:31 Richard Jaques - Think About It [Metropolis Street Racer for the Dreamcast]

10:26 Hideki Okugawa, Infinite - Third Strike [Street Fighter III: The 3rd Strike for the Arcade]

14:18 Kasson Crooker - Menu Song C [Frequency for the PS2]

14:50 Nobuo Uematsu - Costa Del Sol [FInal Fantasy VII for the PS1]

17:30 fi, AM2-MIX, so, yt, kt - Shop [Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution for the PS2]

18:49 satsuki, rose - Unknown 1 [Air Combat for the PS1]

20:01 Richard Jacques, TJ Davis - You're My Number One [Sonic R for the SEGA Saturn]

21:54 Naoyuki Sato - Mission Results [Elebits for the Nintendo Wii]
Yo everyone, how's everything? My name is ✨dedeco✨ and this is my VIDEO GAME MUSIC DJ SET (or VGM DJ SET please algorithm show these videos when people search for VGM DJ SET. VGM is the same as video game music i promise) series! It is a series where I dig and select only the hottest tracks from (mostly) retro videogames (mainly ps1 and ps2 eras) and then I perform them live using my cheap ass dj controller and virtual dj 7 lol

I've been a dance music producer and DJ for a long time, so these are all video game OSTs that could possibly tear clubs up (we will get some extra chill vibes eventually tho). I want to make something that will show electronic music enthusiasts just how cool and important for dance music history video game soundtracks are!!!

I want to keep this series as legit as possible, so there won't be any remixes over here (specially no EDM mixes lol). Eventually there will be club edits from video game OSTs that I make myself. Those edits will keep all of the original tracks's essences, but will add a couple elements (most of the time just a kick drum) to make them more club-ready. If you would like to snatch those edits head over to my Patreon maybe ????

The series also features cool visuals that I painstakingly edit out here to make the videos interesting and cool to watch all the way through cause DID YOU KNOW THAT THE AVERAGE HUMAN BEING HAS A SHORTER ATTENTION SPAM THAN A GOLDFISH NOWADAYS THERE ARE LIKE ACTUAL STUDIES ABOUT IT THAT IS CRAZY MAN


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