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e-Estonia Digital Discussions: Electronic Identity - the Foundation of an e-State

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At the e-Estonia Digital Discussion on electronic identity, three leading Estonian ICT companies – SK ID Solutions, B.Est.Solutions and Proud Engineers - presented their services for building digital identity platforms. Our Digital Transformation Adviser Anett Numa gave an overview of the electronic identity infrastructure, and Ruth Annus, Director General of Citizenship and Migration Policy Department at the Ministry of Interior, touched upon the challenges of building eID infrastructure and valuable lessons learned from the ID-card crisis and running the much- talked e-residency programme.

The essential cornerstone of every e-state, the electronic identity (eID) system, is a natural part of citizens’ daily transactions both in the public and private sector. As a mandatory document, it has been used for remote authentication in Estonia for almost 20 years.

In Estonia, most of the population uses an eID card - over 98% of bank transactions are completed and 98% of prescriptions prescribed online. The eID card also makes life easier when it comes to tax declaring and 98% of it is conducted online. With the help of Estonian companies and experts, various electronic identity solutions have been also implemented in Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania and are currently in progress in India.

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