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Dua Lipa - Cool (Lyrics)

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Dua Lipa, Cool, Lyrics, Future Nostalgia, Grammy Nominee, 2021

Cool here has got to be one of my favorites from Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa. And as you all are probably aware of Future Nostalgia is nominted for Best Album of the Year at this year's 2021 Grammy Awards. They will be held at the end of this month, January 31st.

And Dua Lipa definitely had reason to celebrate at the end of 2020. She's up for a total of 6 (SIX ????) Grammys in 2021!

Whew! This one is a little emotional for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, this will thankfully be my last video I have to create on this entirely inadequate Redmi phone which I was going to curse out, but in hindsight, it has served me for the past 10 months since I started, and when I honestly had no clue what I was doing, only what I wanted to do. So thank you Redmi phone! ???????? Tommorow I fortunately get new hardware & software, along with another steep learning curve I'm sure.

So I'd like to send this video out to a few artists and their crews who I'm sure had no idea, but have been there for what I needed at exactly at the right time. And that help includes just putting out great music to inspire me, and allowing me to trip , fall, make a fool of myself with totally inadequate content I created as I learned.

This came from Dua Lipa here, Caroline (Caroline's Music) , FLETCHER and Halsey, and YouTube who all inexplicably allowed me to continue when I had no confidence at all in what I was doing myself. Thank You. ????????????????????

There are separate playlists of my lyrics videos to each one of those 4 artists on my channel if you are interested.

So with this, goodbye to 2020, goodbye Redmi phone & Ill be back uploading new lyrics videos just as soon as I begin to feel a little comfortable with my new hardware / software arriving tomorrow. The learning curve will hopefully be tremendously shorter this time thanks to what I e been allowed to learn here.

And if you haven't seen Dua Lipa's great Official Video to Cool, or haven't in awhile, don't miss it here:

And catch all of her videos right here on YouTube tube, and subscribe while you're there so you don't miss a thing:

AND...as I'm relatively new around here, if you enjoyed this lyrics video, please do consider subscribing, liking , commenting, etc. & as I try to cover some of the best damn music on the planet.

Cya all soon, and here is to an entirely better year ahead for all of us!

Be kind to one another.

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